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Community Relations Manager


  • Develops community outreach programs that fill specific needs of the community and reflect well back on the station.
  • Could include partnering with a local food bank; creating a fundraising campaign for victims of fires and floods; or working with a local business partner to create awareness campaigns for pressing social issues.
  • Acts as first point-of-contact for groups and organizations seeking on-air support from the station in terms of public service announcements (PSAs) that draw attention to a public issue or promote a charity event.
  • Works with external groups to create community outreach programs that benefit the community and showcase the station in a positive light, using PSAs to promote the events or cause.
  • May also take on role of public relations director. They are very much immersed in concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion. At stations that do not specifically have a public relations director, the CRM assumes their duties.

Experience level

  • Four-year college degrees in areas including mass communications, journalism or a related field.
  • Prior experience working as a community relations or public relations manager at another media group or business.